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theres so many grown ass adults on this website who spend all their time screaming at young teens who are impressively insightful and educated wrt social issues, way moreso than i was when i was a teen. honestly i think i would be a way better person right now if i had started learning about SJ when i was 13-15 like some of you are, and when i see you guys speaking with remarkable elegance + coherence on issues that i had essentially zero understanding of at your age, it gives me a lot of hope for the future. kids who are committed to fighting oppression are such an inspiration, please dont let some 30 year old asshole tell you shit


name: ellie / elliot
favorite saved url: boobyepic / want-trott-sad-for-good / jerk3max

the book you’re currently reading: daughter of smoke and bone
favorite male fictional character: Armin Arlert
favorite female fictional character: Ramona Flowers 
the number of songs on your iPod: 106
the fictional character you identify with most: Hange Zoe

favorite word: extravaganza 

tay is my favourite oc to draw ngl

tay is my favourite oc to draw ngl

you put the thing that does the art right between your teeth but you never give it the power to do art

you put the thing that does the art right between your teeth but you never give it the power to do art


reblog this and ill leave a warrior cat in your inbox bc I’m bored image


a haircut

i caught up with kim&#8217;s outlast series!! 

i caught up with kim’s outlast series!! 


look at this bird ok

test my dashboard osmosis abilities


send me an ask about a fandom i know nothing about and i will summarize it as best i can



grandmoms are precious and must be protected at all costs

i told her i was posting this on tumblr and she said “let me know how many hits i get!!!” so just watch this and make an old woman happy

Anonymous; "Since your having a hard time why don't you try el or ell as it's in both names and could be a nickname for either?"

elliot is just a trail name to see if im comfortable with it

if not, i’ll go back to being ellie 

ta da

call me elliot or ellie i dont mind!!

Anonymous; "Wait what? That person has no right to comment on what name you want! If Elliot makes you happy go for it! If the person dating you is a decent person they'll refer to you by whatever you want"

that is the person im dating